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Land Subdivision Melbourne is a team of licensed land surveyors and town planners located in Camberwell offering a one stop shop for all the land surveying and professional services you may require during any development process.

Land Surveys
Conducting a land survey is the first stage in any land subdivision process to provide the relevant information for local authorities and town planners to commence with the application process. A complete planning permit application must be supported by information that shows existing title boundaries, analysis of the site and neighbourhood character as well as an assessment of the impact of the subdivision.
Feature Surveys
A feature survey provides information about the location and characteristics of natural and man-made features on the site and adjoining properties. A feature survey plan includes levels and contours to show the formation of the land. It also includes adjoining windows that face the subject site, the height and width of eaves, any visible services with the location of crossovers, width of roads and footpaths, structures or fences that exist on the boundary, as well as any vegetation on or near the subject site which needs to be considered for planning and development.
Site Analysis Surveys
The extended format of a feature survey is a site analysis plan (also referred to as neighbourhood character plan, ResCode plan or site context plan), which shows information and characteristics of the neighbourhood within a 50m radius.
Australian Height Datum (AHD)
In some areas that are prone to flooding, connection of site levels and contours to AHD will be a council requirement so that the necessary precautions can be taken (such as ensuring floor levels meet the minimum height requirements).
Re-establishment Survey
To be able to complete the land subdivision process, it is necessary to identify title boundaries and their relationship to existing fences and structures. A title re-establishment survey is required for all subdivisions to understand the location of title boundaries on a block so that the existing lot can be subdivided into multiple lots.
Set-Out Surveys
A set-out survey marks out the physical location of proposed structures on site to provide information for building any new dwellings. Plans can also be provided to indicate the points that have been marked along gridlines as a reference for construction.


If there are any land surveying services required that have not been mentioned, please send us your contact and project details via email for an obligation free consultation with one of our qualified team members.

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