Thinking of Subdividing Your Land?

If you are considering a subdivision in your backyard or demolishing an existing house to start a multi-unit development, side-by-side dual occupancy development or you are planning a subdivision of an existing vacant block of land, you will be required to go through a planning and subdivision process by engaging a licensed Land surveying firm.

Land Subdivision can be an expensive and time consuming process, depending on the complexity of a project. The process requires the acquisition of a subdivision permit, local council planning approval and meeting strict statutory time frames.

Land Subdivision Melbourne provides an extensive range of services to our clients to ensure your subdivision process is as easy and efficient as possible. For private, business or commercial developments, our knowledgeable team have the capacity to complete your subdivision within your timeframe and budget.

The Land Subdivision Process

Land surveyors are the first on-site for any development projects and have the expertise and knowledge needed to commence the process of land subdivision.

The typical land subdivision process includes:

  • Land assessment and plan preparation by a licensed land surveyor.
  • Plan Submission to Local Council.
  • Referral to government bodies in relation to servicing of the site.
  • Communication between the land surveyor and conveyancers
  • Registration of land to issue new property titles with the Titles Office.

With years of experience in the industry and after completing numerous subdivision projects across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, Land Subdivision Melbourne are proud to offer our professional solution based approach to all our clients to make your land subdivision process easy and hassle free.

What should you consider if you want to subdivide?

Subdividing any land can be a complex process and is not always a feasible option for every parcel of land. Many planning permit applications are denied if a site does not meet the requirements of councils and planning authorities but will still incur the application costs.

Important factors to consider before undergoing any land subdivision are:

  • Zoning, planning schemes and overlays
  • Size of your land
  • Allowable building envelope
  • Any neighbourhood character and strategic planning policies

At Land Subdivision Melbourne, we have an extensive knowledge of the land subdivision process and will provide you with a consultation on the land surveying and town planning services that you require to get your project underway.

When is a subdivision required?

If you are looking to develop more than one dwelling on a lot and it meets all the requirements of local planning schemes and residential development provisions, then you will be eligible to subdivide your land.

The first step in determining whether you are able to subdivide your land, is to get your property and surrounding area surveyed to provide council and town planning departments with the information they need to assess the eligibility of your title for land subdivision. Land Subdivision Melbourne is a trusted team of land surveyors and town planners who specialise in all types of surveying services to get the results you need to go through the town planning permit and subdivision application process.

How long does the subdivision process take?

At Land Subdivision Melbourne, once the site survey has been completed and a proposed plan of subdivision has been finalised, we lodge all required documents to the local councils. Depending on the processing speed of council and local authorities, a land subdivision will generally take 3 to 6 months to complete. We ensure that all the land surveying components are completed on time to avoid any initial delays from a survey side. We work closely with our clients and local councils during the process to ensure the subdivision is completed in a timely manner.

How much can land subdivision cost?

The cost of land subdivision will depend on the number of proposed lots, size of the development, characteristics of the site and neighbourhood, and eligibility for subdivision. Depending on these factors, the overall cost of land surveying fees for a land subdivision can cost up to a few thousand dollars. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimated subdivision costs for your project.

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